Social Media Fundraising

As any fundraiser knows, getting the message to the people is sometimes the hard part. With Mymissio on your side you can reach your fundraising goals.

Step 1: Create Your Fundraiser Page

Start your journey of affecting change. Mymissio is your Online Fundraising platform for all your philanthropic efforts. Set up your online fundraiser in under 2 minutes.

Step 2: Share Your Fundraising Page

Spread the joy of giving. After you have Created your fundraising page and added your photos, videos and story about your cause, SHARE and ask all your friends and acquaintances in your social network to donate. Encourage them to SHARE with their friends in their social networks.

Step 3: Experience the Joy

By using Mymissio as the platform to launch your journey of giving back, we know you will experience personal growth and transformation as you watch how your giving you can create change. This message is an old message, but now you have the accessibility and simple tools to fulfill your mission.

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Don't know what kind of fundraiser you want to get started? Here are some popular ones:


Walkathons (excellent for awareness campaigns)
Marathons (for getting the community involved in a project)
Memorials (remembering persons who changed your life)
Music festivals (can be held any season or holiday)


Personal cause (for special occasions like trips and medical ailments)
Tributes (honoring a person who has done a lot for the community)
School projects (to help save a park, plant trees, etc.)
Volunteering (organizing your community for charities)

Top Fundraisers

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