Mymissio for Organizations

Targeted to the modern-day fundraising organization, Mymissio's complete online fundraising solution will help you raise more money:
  • Mymissio is EASY to use.
    If you can Facebook you can Mymissio. You can create and customize a fundraising campaign in just minutes.
  • Convert supporters and volunteers to Fundraisers immediately!
    By empowering your supporters to raise money on your behalf, you multiply your efforts!
  • Mymissio is low cost.
    Compare our low, flat 3.5% rate to others and see for yourself. Mymissio's low rate means more money for your events and causes.
  • Accept donations and sell event tickets and items on your website!
    Mymissio's Donation Widget makes accepting donations easy. Just embed it onto your site and enjoy the benefits

Accept donations online, sell and print event tickets, raise money
for your favorite charity or personal cause and receive your
money in 3-5 days!

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